Friday, September 16, 2011

Bumper Cars in the Kuiper Belt is here!!

 Greetings from Chris and Lance!  We're very excited and pleased to announce that book two in The Realoscope Series is now available for sale.  Lisa, Brian, and Deedles adventures continue taking them to the edge of our solar system to the Kuiper Belt!  The story is literally out of this world! and the illustrations are imagination inspiration!  If you're not already on our site, go there now and check out 'Bumper Cars' for yourself.  Click on the link or copy and paste into your browser... ...


If you want to purchase a copy click here... ... there will be a 'Buy Now' button on our Buy page soon!

Buy a copy and jump into a comfortable chair and hang on tight!  Cause its gonna be one wild bumper car ride through space!!

Talk to ya later! Chirs and Lance

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm holding the first pre-pub copy of Bumper Cars in the Kuiper Belt in my hand.

Sitting next to me on my desk is the first pre-pub or proof copy of Bumper Cars in the Kuiper Belt which is Book two in The Realoscope Series!  It's hard to find the words to describe holding something you've been waiting for for so long.  The illustrations that Chris has done are action filled, perfect, and the colors and look of the book are top notch!  I can't wait for you the readers to feel the fast paced action of the story and to see the 'wonder inspiring' illustrations of Bumper Cars in the Kuiper Belt.  Chris and myself have a couple of last minute details to take care of and then the book will be made available!  Get ready for the release of Bumper Cars in the Kuiper Belt by reading Book one in the series, 'The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley'.  You can get it on our website under the 'Buy' link and also on  And hey, don't take my word for it that Realoscope adventures are 'out of this world' reading! Check out these three reviews at the following links:


Also, follow this link to my website to read a review by The Sigourney News Review.   Check the reviews and see for yourself.  Then get your hands on a copy of The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley and read it and get ready for the release of Book two in the series, Bumper Cars in the Kuiper Belt!

Happy reading to all and to all a Realoscope flight!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Check out review #3 for The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley!

The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley book review

 The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley written by Lance Justin Peter Okones, illustrated by Christopher Trefz is a nice children's book.  My kiddos at work liked the book too!  I read The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley to 15 of my friends during homework time.  My friends had some good in sites on the book: "It would be neat if a Realoscope was real!", "Lisa is brave.", "The characters clothes look real and Brian's sweater looks like you can touch it.", "I know what moon dust is like now."

 The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley has a good balance of facts and fiction.  I enjoyed being able to share a book that was very age appropriate, with no worries of words that I was uncomfortable sharing with the children in my program.  I also liked that the main character were a boy and girl (it is good for children to see that boys and girls can just be friends-there tends to be teasing that they must "like" each other), I also like that there was a multicultural character and a cliff hanger!

 The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley would make a great addition to your child's library.  There are great illustrations and it is a great story to share!

Thank you My Milwaukee Mommy for the review!! -Lance 
Here's a link to My Milwaukee Mommy:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kids are loving The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley! Check out latest review!

Hi readers and future readers of The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley!  Chris and I have another review for you to check out.  Many thanks to Jodi Miller, My SLC Mommy, for reviewing the book!  Check out Jodi's blog on and her review of The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley at the following link: .  Jodi also gives you instructions on how to win a copy of the book!

I want Jodi and all of you readers out there to know that Chris and I have a second Realoscope book in the works and we'll see where it goes from there.  If you like 'em we'll write 'em!  Take care and thanks for the review Jodi!

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Thanks everybody! -Lance

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New review of The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley and a chance to win a copy!

Hi Realoscope Readers, Visitors to my blog, and Those visiting the Realoscope website!  Major exciting news!  The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley was recently reviewed by 'Margie Brill' in her blog.  It tells you a little bit about the story and what the reader/s think of it and gives you instructions on how to win a copy!!  This link takes you to Margie's blog:

I'd really like to thank Margie for taking the time to review our book and just so Margie and all of you know,  there are many Realoscope stories I've written and Chris and I will let you know when the book 2 in the series is ready.  Friend Margie On Facebook  *Follow her on Twitter

Thanks and happy reading,
Lance Justin Peter Okones

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Review of 'The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley'

Hey readers of all ages!  Check out the following review of The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley!
‘Realoscope’ adventures sound fun and exciting!  The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley by Lance Justin Peter Okones with illustrations by Christopher Trefz,  (ISBN: 978-1-59092-634-5) is a great children’s book with captivating illustrations.  The story is easy to read for young readers or perfect for a bedtime story.  The excitement for learning leaps off the page from the beginning  to the last page.  With the help of the ‘Realoscope’, Lisa and Brian are able to make a new friend in the process of learning more about the moon.  The details of the moon dust are great; you can almost feel the surface under your feet.
I would recommend this book for all young readers and am looking forward to the continued adventures with the ‘Realoscope’.
Robin R. Fisher, Editor for The Sigourney News Review.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Order your copy of 'The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley' today!

The Realoscope Series Go to order your copy of 'The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley' and check out The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley website. -Lance
The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley, a self-published children's book written by Lance Okones and illustrated Chris Trefz.